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Al Najah Schools

AL-Najah Secondary Boys School is a branch of Al-Najah Schools.
The boys’ school follows the same policy adopted by the girls’ school. In fact the boys’ school is replica of the Grils School in its policy, curricula, philosophy, vision and mission.

The boys’ school includes the two following sections:

  • The Arabic, which adopts the Palestinian curriculum that leads to the Tawjihi, the scientific stream certificate.
  • The English, which adopts the American curriculum that leads to the SAT exams. In this section we offer, in addition to the formal curriculum, other materials like Arabic, Islamic Religion, and Holy Qur’an.

We try our best, at Al-Najah School, to create a proper academic atmosphere through which we can build confidence in our students so that we can strengthen their character and hence create active individuals who can benefit their society.





Palestine, Al-Bireh, Near The Jawwal Company
Tel. +970-2-2424411 / 2424412
Fax 0097-02-2424413