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Al Najah Schools | Accounting Department

Responsibilities & Duties of Accounting Officer:

  • To oversee the process of collecting school fees and to deposit the money collected in the school’s bank account, and to ensure that the accountant does not retain money in the school’s safe or with him/her. He/she shall also check on bank receipts and sign them.
  • To oversee the spending on the various activities within the limits of the regulations that govern the spending process, and to store vouchers.
  • To perform a random treasury stock inventory frequently, and to maintain and store a record of this inventory.
  • To report incidents of theft or embezzlement as it unfolds.
  • To supervise the distribution of school textbooks after being received in school, before the start of the school year well in advance.
  • To approve the school’s purchase documents, and to ensure its safety.
  • To disperse advance payments.
  • To perform bookkeeping accounts for the school.
  • To disperse salaries and wages of the schools’ employees.
  • To take charge of the schools’ treasury cash, and to keep the money and records.
  • Bidding of the procurement tenders to all the requirements of the school.
  • To follow up on the absence of staff members, and to ensure their attendance and departure on time.
  • To sign inventory forms after verifying the balance in the inventory book.
  • To record school certificates and forms of success, and to disburse them to their respective owners, and toDeposit its value.
  • To oversee the committee of maintenance, cleanliness and embellishments.
  • To frequently inspect the schools’ interior and exterior, to ensure cleanliness and good appearance.
  • To follow up with plans and programs necessary to embellish the school building from the interior and exterior, such as landscaping, ornamental pools, removing obstacles, or the use of spaces to adorn the school building.
  • To ensure the cleanliness of the buildings, hallways, floors, classrooms, laboratories, library, administration and activities rooms, yards, fences, stairs and toilets.
  • To follow up with the execution of electrical installations and various facilities in the school, and to follow up with maintenance work.
  • To supervise the consumption of water and electricity, in order to control and reduce intake.
  • To report periodically to the school principal on implementation plans and programs, and to identify any problems facing this, and to propose remedies.
  • To follow up with the awareness of aesthetic value and to instill it in the hearts of staff and students.
  • To follow up with competitions regarding adorning the school, and to set apart special awards in cooperation with the social education and Friends of the Environment Group.
  • To follow up with the cleanliness of the cafeteria, and to ensure compliance with health requirements of the foods offered.