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Al Najah Schools | Physics lab

Physics education can potentially come into contact with every student at Al-Najah Secondary School. We provide lectures, laboratories, and research opportunities to a growing number of students. We encourage all of our students to develop an interest in and a curiosity about physics and all sciences. We are committed to:

  • Providing an opportunity to develop and hone problems-solving skills, that is, critical thinking in the true sense of the phrase,
  • Providing an opportunity to develop and hone presentation skills, particularly as they pertain to scientific and technical presentations,
  • Providing a solid grounding in the methods of scientific inquiry,
  • Instilling a strong sense of scientific integrity, and
  • Presenting physics to all of our students in a way that conveys our individual and collective excitement about our discipline.

In addition, Physics laboratory strives to provide:

  • A breadth of courses in both the theoretical and experimental aspects of physics,
  • An opportunity for students to take a meaningful role in fundamental research,
  • Close mentoring relationships, and
  • Preparation specific to helping those students continuing on to college reach their full potential.