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Al Najah Schools | The Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of our school has been designed in an annular structure in order to achieve the flow of communication and information between the school’s departments smoothly, and in a high degree of credibility. In addition, it facilitates a focus on the workflow process in the school, and encourages the participation of workers in decision-making, goal setting, and ongoing monitoring of student and staff performance. It also encourages team spirit and teamwork, and complete dependence on the departments, task forces and committees not on individuals, so as to achieve an institutional organization, which is based on teamwork.

This institution is not affected by the absence of one or more of the human elements to ensure the ongoing achievement of its goals.

When designing the organization structure of the school, we decided to stay away from the hierarchical type of organization. This type of organization leaves a negative impression in the hearts of the workers who by nature dislike such a structure since it reflects a clear description of forceful authority and demonstrates that it exists as a result of the rule of law.

However, our annular system is comfortable from the start, and it motivates workers towards the non-vertical shape or prominence of power. The rule of cooperation and teamwork appears clearly to viewers as opposed to the hierarchical structure of a traditional hierarchy of power.

By using this design, we have succeeded in reducing conflict and collision, to consolidate cooperation and teamwork, and to transmit information with a high degree of credibility. This method limits the anticipation, expectations and predictions of staff. It also limits gossiping and distraction from work.

The fact that the first circle forms the school’s vision and strategy consolidates to all staff members the significant fact, that what governs us all is this vision. We also ensure the clarity and prominence of the main objective, as well as the goal, which we all seek to achieve.

The vision of the school is the nucleus of the organizational structure of the school, this vision focuses on academic achievement (for students), in a sense that it is a significant goal of the school, in which the school’s departments as a whole seek to achieve.