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Al Najah Schools | Goals of the School
  • To help students acquire basic skills in the various sciences, and to activate these skills through reflective thinking.
  • To create an accumulation of quantitative and qualitative knowledge in our students, to help them provide appropriate interpretation and explanation within concepts that are necessary for them.
  • To help students acquire the basic concepts necessary to maintain physical and mental health.
  • To entrench the importance of knowledge among students, and to raise their scientific readiness in this developing and changing world.
  • To develop a spirit of innovation among students, and to create a range of alternatives in their ways of thinking.
  • To develop the skills of students to adapt to our Palestinian society, and to help strengthen the relationship between students and the Palestinian community, religions and social values.
  • To enhance the ability of students to understand others and to explain to them that it is possible to learn the values and behaviors that are established by our Arab traditions.
  • To promote positive self-image among students.
  • To enhance an understanding of our Palestinian identity, and to prompt positive self-concept among students, and to consider that the basis of good citizenship.
  • To promote the loyalty of students and their affiliation to their religion, homeland and language.
  • To promote ethics, virtuous values and ideals among students.