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Al Najah Schools | Our Mission

We, at Al-Najah Schools, staff, students, parents and administration work together to create a society whose members are characterized by self-education, and who keep up with the latest in the field of educational technology within an environment of participation and respect.

We, at Al-Najah, try to help produce leading generations with strong characters able to communicate and adapt with other cultures. Such generations are to be influential in their communities and to be able to compete and lead others. This becomes possible when a safe learning environment is provided. Such environment must have technical properties, in addition to modern, developed and bilingual curricula taught by able teachers. We, at Al-Najah, seek to develop the students’ capabilities to the utmost to enable them acquire the skill of problem-solving and to be decision-making students. We also provide continuing teaching in addition to practical and field skills which qualify the students to plan for their professional and academic future in the most developed foreign academic institutions.