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Al Najah Schools | Founders of School

Al-Najah Secondary School was established in 1995, and was based on modern educational principles, in accordance with a well-established educational philosophy.
Al-Najah’s top priority has been to construct a system of positive values for English peaking students coming from foreign countries in the beginning. Later, local students and those interested in the Tawjihi program where then added to the school.
The school has made education available to both sections in accordance with modern educational bases.
The school adopts a national Palestinian education whose objectives is to create an integrated human character, as far as doctrine, conduct, skill and performance are concerned.
This is to be achieved in light of an educational excellence sought by the school.
Such excellence increases the scientific, social, and cultural readiness of the students to be active participants in the service of their country and community. We also strive to strengthen the students’ national, Islamic and Arab identity, and to promote their cultural tendency and feeling.
The school has adopted Arabic and English as its official languages of education.
Allowing coherent communication with other cultures on the basis of the Islamic and
Arab culture. Allowing part of the needs of the local community for human resources, as far as quality and quantity are concerned to be meet.
Quality of education and its relevance to the methods of modern education are based on excellence, creativity and innovation. For this, purpose elite of the sons and daughters of Palestine who are distinguished educationally, morally and academically are able to implement this mission. For example, but not limited to, the virtuous sister Mrs. Aida Hammad who was one of the first to have carried on her shoulders this mission and implemented it. We were also successful in selecting an administrative and teaching faculty proved to possess a sense of responsibility, which contributes to the growth of the school and its expansion.

The Organizational Structure:

Al-Najah started with seventeen employees, and currently employs approximately three hundred. This shares in the provision of job opportunities for a good number of sons and daughters of our country. This number of employees has been involved in the growth and development of this leading educational edifice at the regional level, as far as quantity and quality are concerned.
We will not forget the faithful parents/guardians who are interested in raising and upbringing this generation, in accordance with our Islamic and Arab culture and civilization.
These parents/guardians have provided both advice and guidance.

Functions, Duties and Responsibilities of the Founders of the School:

School Name: Al-Najah Secondary School.
Address: Balou/Al-Bireh.


The Nature of the School:

Al-Najah School is a private school by its moral description and what it involves of real estate, buildings, supplies, furniture, cash, securities, documents and all the accessories in the school of cars and property, of movable and/or immovable property belongs to the founders without else and who are known also as the owners of the school.
Al-Najah Secondary School has been established and operates under an official license issued under the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Education in the Palestinian National Authority.
Al-Najah Secondary School is an academic foundation operating according to the curricula, regulations and laws implemented and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Powers of the Founders:

  • Full payment of obligations owed to the school staff, whether salaries or end of service by contract or by virtue of the law, and to receive prices, profits and proceeds arising from transactions conducted by the school.
  • Founders Mustafa Mohammed Salem Qoran and Mahmoud Mohammed Salem Qoran are two commissioners without the other combined and/ or individual to sign for the school and its representation in every action or treatment is required and necessary, as related to the purchase, sale, and cession, and signing contracts for the sale, purchase, and mortgage with any party. As they are individually or collectively authorized to deposit the profits of the school and construct additions and new construction of the school, and the acceptance of purchase for the school.
  • The representation of the school formally and informally, including the departments of courts, ministries, taxes, land and survey, finance, municipalities, and antiquities and the effects and the appointment of an alternate for the academic framework.
  • The appointment or dismissal of any of the schools’ employees according to the needs of the school.
  • Purchase of movable and immovable property for the purpose of the school within its interest and/ or the resale of it.