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Al Najah Schools

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Al_Najah School. We are dedicated to provide a rich educational foundation for our students.

Our mission is to encourage each student to become a lifelong learner by being in harmony with his or her highest potentials and creating a safe, enjoyable and stimulating challenging learning environment for students where they enjoy exploring and actively learn through real life and face future challenges to develop their creative and critical thinking skills. Our theme is" learning today leading tomorrow."

Al_Najah schools have professional and well-qualified teachers who own strong instructional skills and deep knowledge that help our objectives be realized.

We hope that our deep-rooted commitment to quality education results in preparing and shaping our students for the future in our global society .Evaluation in school is being brought to life by launching periodical and interactive assessments to our students that teachers are being offered.
These tools are to assess not only the students’ knowledge, but also their capabilities and tendencies through a dynamic and interactive online environment.

Results of the tests are delivered instantly to the teachers. However, instead of showing what students know and do not know, the automated reports go deeper into specific skill sets highlighting strengths and weaknesses and enabling teachers to develop the next stage of learning for every student in their classes.

We look forward to a successful school year by working hard to prepare our students for a bright future.

We love to have parents present in our building. Please know that you are always welcome at Al-Najah schools.

Aida Hammad Ahmad
Manager of Administration