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Al Najah Schools | Public Relations

Duties and Responsibilities of the Public Relations and Student Activities Officer:

First: Student Activities

  • To plan and follow up with the implementation of educational activities that are practiced in the school.
  • To prepare work programs for school activities with the use of available facilities in school.
  • To monitor monthly reports that reach him/her from various activity departments. He/she shall also prepare monthly, semi-annual and annual activity reports, and monitor their implementation.
  • To follow up with participation in school activities as ordered by higher levels.
  • To participate in setting a budget for school activities, and to follow up with the spending of this budget in light of financial and administrative directions.
  • To participate in planning and preparing for field trips and camp programs in light of the recreational and educational needs of the school and the activity plan set aside.
  • To help the school board in achieving school discipline, and activity effectiveness, and to implement the board’s recommendations and decisions of various activities.
  • To follow up with the implementation of the duties of school activities committees in their various aspects.
  • To contribute to the development of summer activities, and to form organizations.
  • To follow up with gifted and talented student programs in all areas, and to organize records for these programs.

Second: Public Relations

  • To maintain good relations with government and private agencies as related to education.
  • To maintain good relations with civil authorities and organizations concerned.
  • To maintain constant communication with various local Medias.
  • To attend seminars and conferences on education and educational affairs.
  • To encourage students to participate in visits and donations to the needy sectors of the community. To encourage interaction with the community to sympathize with others, in order to possess a sense of social solidarity, and to help others as much as possible.