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Al Najah Schools | Counselor

Duties and Responsibilities of the Counselor:

For the counselor to become an example for students he/she should possess an excellent reputation and behavior, he/she should be able to allow students to understand themselves and realize their capabilities. In addition, the counselor should be able to help the students overcome any difficulty that they might face. The counselor allows students to achieve a psychological, educational, social and professional harmony for the sake of building a normal Islamic character through performing his/her duties, which include the following:

  • To clarify counseling goals within the school community, plans, programs and services. He/she shall also attempt to build a productive professional relationship with all school employees and parents/ guardians.
  • To prepare general annual plans of guidance and counseling in the light of instructions the school’s principal should approve organizing them and these plans.
  • To implement programs of guidance and counseling, and to develop, preventive and curative services.
  • To fill out student records and maintain confidentiality, and organize files and records for guidance and counseling.
  • To examine students’ learning and behavioral attitudes and to provide counseling services that will achieve the objectives of the educational stage.
  • To follow up memorandum of daily duties according to the time plan, and to activate these duties, and achieve desired objectives.
  • To care for academically talented students to encourage, guide, and provide them with incentives and rewards, and to provide them additional programs.
  • To follow up with academically weak students, to identify reasons of their weakness, and to take the necessary steps to improve their educational levels.