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Al Najah Schools | School Labs

Schools Labs are:

  • Computer Labs
  • Physics lab
  • Chemistry lab
  • Biology labs

Science laboratory technician job description:

  • Purchases required items, and receives shipments after verifying contents. He/she also assembles tests and installs new equipment. In addition, he/ she maintains and properly controls and stores a sufficient inventory of supplies and equipment; may acquire, handles and maintains living organisms.
  • Liaising with academic staff to discuss timetables, equipment requirements and work plans.
  • Supporting the work of teachers in classes and laboratory sessions and giving technical advice.
  • Working with individual students and supporting them on research projects.
  • Preparing equipment and chemicals before lessons from test tubes to state-of-the-art microscopes.
  • Organizes plans and prioritizes laboratory activities for the designated science laboratory rooms.
  • Performs routine and analytical work needed to prepare reagents, solutions, equipment and materials used in exercises and experiments.
  • Ensuring that equipment is properly cleaned and that chemicals, drugs and other materials are appropriately stored.
  • Understands the function of, operates, demonstrates, maintains, troubleshoots, repairs and calibrates technical laboratory equipment.
  • Managing the stock control of chemicals and equipment.
  • Safely handles, stores and disposes of hazardous or bio hazardous materials.
  • Cataloguing recordings and making them available when requested (Ex. audiovisual resources, LCD room).
  • Generates and maintains accurate computerized records, databases, reports and files, and gives a copy to the principal.
  • Applies policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Gives and follows oral and written communications.
  • Maintain cooperative working relationships.
  • Contributing to high-level research, if working at the university level.