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Al Najah Schools | School Library

Responsibilities of the Librarian:

Responsibilities of a Successful Librarian are as follows:

  • To give the job respect and trust.
  • To work on educational and historical skills in order to be able to provide the best service.
  • To possess high professional qualities.
  • To be aware that education is a science and art, and that the teacher must be creative, and innovative and not just cued only.
  • To possess an intuition and perception, and to possess the ability of to think quickly and to formulate questions and answers in order to raise the thinking level of students. When the librarian works as a teacher, he/she must respect and value the learning process and must possess the  privileges of an efficient teacher.
  • To collaborate with colleagues in the faculty to share responsibilities in turning objectives, educational purposes and educational experiences into learning and teaching experiences. These goals should not remain a dead letter, but to actually be utilized so that the librarian participates in the  educational process.
  • To help students solve their educational problems, and to deal with them as individuals through guidance and appropriate outreach reading materials.
  • To cooperate with faculty members to help students perform the ability to analyze, summarize and to continuously assess what has been read.
  • To apply his/her knowledge in choosing the most suitable material for the needs and preferences of the students.
  • To cooperate with faculty members to teach office skills to students in order to allow them to do their best.
  • To possess knowledge of any changes in the curriculum, and to master the methods of teaching.
  • Pre-knowledge of the duties that the teachers determine to their students in order to be able to prepare the required references.
  • To organize lectures, panel discussions and seminars as well as cultural competitions for reading.
  • To be careful of the library’s appearance, and to establish rules and guidelines for students, as well as to maintain records and execute the maintenance and binding of books.
  • To conduct statistics on the activities of the library in terms of lending, and to identify the most read topics, and research reports. In addition, to provide an annual report of significant work done by the school library.
  • To be informed of the latest in his/her field and to attempt to apply the best to the library, as well as to attend training courses held by the Ministry.
  • To prepare activity programs for the library, to display curricula and activities events of former years and to prepare summaries, bulletins and wall magazines.
  • To execute book assessment to identify books that are not accepted by students to reduce purchase and to dispose of unwanted books. In addition, he/ she will dispose certain books that are not within the educational curriculum or agree with the educational policy.
  • To motivate active students by preparing an active page record, and to announce their activities on the school broadcast, to thank them, and to give awards to the best students in reading.
  • To exhibit student researches and summaries to encourage them in writing researches and reports.
  • To implement activities and technical services, direct and organize exhibitions, in addition to annual visits of other school libraries.
  • To prepare lists of new books and magazines that the library should be provided with either by the Ministry of Education or purchased.
  • To cooperate with faculty members to train students on how to use references and to give library classes to the new sections at the beginning of the school year.