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Al Najah Schools | Elementary Education Department

Elementary Department’s Vision for First, Second and Third Grades:


To develop a generation which is distinguished in reading and committed to the school.

Mission Statement:

The department seeks to develop the student’s abilities and mental skills by employing qualified and skillful staff who use various methods and tools of education to execute curricular and extracurricular activities in accordance with the schools’ rules and regulations.


  • To develop the student’s personality, and to be educationally, spiritually and morally integrated.
  • To motivate the students towards education by using different methods of teaching in order to draw the students’ attention to all subjects.
  • To reinforce interaction between students of the same class in order to make them realize the importance of being cooperative and productive.
  • To pay more attention to hyperactive students to try to reduce their hyperactivity by attempting to raise their interest in the materials taught.
  • To practice different methods to amend the student’s behavior from day one in the school to realize positive, meaningful and creative results by the end of the school year and in the future.
  • To accomplish a complete student’s growth through curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • To activate theories of individual differences in education to achieve positive results and prominent changes in all students.
  • To employ social science to increase the social intelligence of the students through interaction with the local community.
  • The importance of using class management to motivate the students for knowledge, creativity, and vision of self-education.
  • To develop an optimistic and positive view towards the future challenges and problems.
  • To develop a student able to keep up with modern technology.
  • To develop a student able to read and discover the implication of words.