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Al Najah Schools | Technology and Computer

Technology Department’s Vision:

  • To use computers as a means of learning, researching and obtaining information, not just a device for entertainment.
  • To teach students how to use the computer to complete projects, which can help them in their studies and research and to learn the software needed to accomplish this task.
  • To acquaint students with a different methodology of learning other than memorizing, to learn through practice, training and experimenting.
  • Preparing students for rapid integration when realizing the future vision of the school regarding E-learning.
  • To encourage students to criticize the existing software, and to think of solutions and ideas of new technology, and to display its advantages and disadvantages in the future.
  • To transform all textbooks into electronic of the original templates through the school website.
  • To signify the importance of the computer, and to use it as an aid to other materials (integration in other materials) by combining learning with the process.
  • Integration of computer classes with the other classes to achieve a structural integrated curriculum.