Social Studies Department’s Vision:
Social studies department created its own vision in order to produce students who are capable to keep up with the constant scientific challenges, and hence realizing the school vision as a whole. The department also sees to it that our students are characterized by creative as well as critical thinking built on social studies curriculum from elementary stage. This curriculum are designed in a way that makes various fields of knowledge, skills and attitudes in the fields of history, geography, civics and national education integrate and complete each other. The social studies curriculum is also built in a way that makes activities and experiences its pivot or axis. Concepts and experiences are graded in a way that help realize a logical constructive development growth (in accordance with an educational map designed constructively to make concepts and skills integral, not only within the same subject, but also among various subjects and materials). We believe that this would help overcome the obstacles between subjects. We hope this result in the attainment of homogeneity of knowledge and complementarily of its components. A result in which will make the versification of the interest in the different aspects of the learners’ growth as far as knowledge, tendencies, values, skills and needs are concerned, more likely to happen. This will end in the reinforcement of the material’s function towards teaching and learning. It will also help students cope with problem-solving and critical thinking, as an objective to be attained through connecting theoretical and practical learning experiences.

The social studies department aims at widening the capabilities of our students through assisting them, acquire various and related experiences, which produces students with a leading, organized and integrated personality.

Finally, the department aims to encourage students to keep up with technological developments by adopting the E-learning method of education, which will reinforce the students’ internal and external motivation toward learning.