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Al Najah Schools | English Department

English Department’s Vision:

Our vision as an English Department is to empower the love of the English language in the hearts of our students by integrating language with art, science, social studies and other academic subjects. Through this educational process, students will perform the following:

  • Presenting and responding to ideas, feelings, and knowledge sensitively and creatively.
  • Exploring world literature as a way of knowledge, developing personal values, understanding multicultural heritage, and broadening experience.
  • Learning about the heritage of the various cultures as expressed in language.
  • Using language confidently to understand and to respond thoughtfully and critically.
  • Developing reading skills required an informed and well-prepared individual to face the challenges of further education.
  • Expressing these skills powerfully, convincingly, and gracefully to fulfill challenges in their social life.
  • Using language appropriate to the situation and purpose to become comfortable with a range of language styles, from public to personal, and from literary to Standard English.