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Al Najah Schools | School Secretary

Job Description for the School Secretary

Summary of Role
Provides support to the administration, including duties, public clerical and reception work and school related business. She also presents a professional image appropriate to the school, which is reflected in the way she receives customers and responds to telephone calls.

Qualifications and Skills Required

  • To be properly qualified in her specialty.
  • To master the various applications of the computer, and to talk properly over the phone.
  • To deal skillfully with the computer.
  • To possess the ability to use modern software.
  • To possess excellent communication skills.
  • To possess the ability to type and print fast.
  • To be concerned with the full detail of topics.
  • To possess excellent organizational capabilities.
  • To maintain confidentiality.

Main Tasks

  • To receiving visitors and customers who come to see the administration and to schedule appointments for them.
  • To prepare correspondence, reports and materials for internal and external publication.
  • To manage the agenda of the administration office, and to remind officials of appointments or any other important issues.
  • To answer phone calls and to transfer them to the appropriate individuals concerned.
  • To perform general clerical works, including copying, filing, dealing with fax and mail messages.
  • Good treatment with the school’s staff.
  • To organize students’ files accordingly, to be easy to locate and to complete the paperwork required for each file. Such papers include student transfers, and vaccination certificates, birth and last year 40. The Organizational Structure certificates, in addition to a copy of the identification card, full address and phone number.
  • To organize teachers’ files, and ensure paperwork and contract renewal are completed in time.
  • To record, sort, distribute and deliver incoming mail daily to the various departments. She shall also document outgoing mail.
  • To follow up procedures for licensing the school with the appropriate institutions.
  • To fill out issued and received questionnaires and other documents.
  • To verify students’ report cards, and print certificates.
  • To prepare for meetings, and document records of the proceedings.
  • To study topics required by the manager and prepare a full report about them.
  • To fully follow up with the teachers as required by the administration.
  • To attest all correspondence with the school’s seal.
  • To identify the presence, absence and tardiness of staff and students.
  • To bear access to daily newspapers and display general information related to the work of the manager to him/her.
  • To print letters, correspondence and reports as requested by the heads of departments after obtaining the approval of the manager.
  • To be hospitable to visitors and school customers.
  • To perform scanning activities (making copies) if required to do so.
  • To supervise and control furniture, school supplies and equipment, and follow up with its maintenance.
  • To perform any other work required by the school administration as related to the job.